All about Dairy

A staple ingredient in many cuisines, our dairy creams and cheeses are ingredients to help you in the kitchen, whether it is to perfect a dessert or adding depth to soups and sauces.

We carry Emborg

We partner with Emborg to bring you a wide range of dairy products. A family-owned brand established in 1947, Emborg has its roots in Denmark and provides over 200 types of products including cheeses and creams.

Creams and cheeses

Grated Parmesan Cheese

Grated parmesan is the go-to topping for a healthy bowl of salad. It can also be used to integrate into pasta dishes to impart a nutty richness to elevate the taste.

Natural Cream Cheese

Our cream cheese has a soft and smooth texture, perfect for spreading onto breads or bagels, or making a cheesecake.

Whipping Cream

Our whipping cream is a full-bodied dairy cream with 35% fat. Its fresh, natural cream taste makes it a very versatile ingredients for cooking, baking and desserts.

Variety for your cheese platter

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