Fresh From the Ocean

Our selection boasts a diverse offering of seafood, encompassing everything from fish to crustaceans to mollusks.

Sustainable & Quality Seafood

In alignment with our dedication to fostering sustainable seafood practices, we carry MSC and ASC certified products, which means the seafood we sell are fished in a way that minimizes the damaging effects to the surrounding wildlife and ecosystem.

Exquisite Japanese Seafood Delicacies


Our premium unagi is a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine characterized by a delicate, smoky sweetness with a hint of savory umami. The preparation of unagi involves filleting, skewering and grilled the eel to perfection before being glazed with a sweet soy-based sauce.

Saba Teriyaki

Introducing our Saba Teriyaki. Saba refers to mackerel in Japanese, and teriyaki is a popular Japanese cooking technique where food is grilled or broiled and then glazed with a sweet and savory sauce. The sauce caramelizes during the cooking process, giving the saba a glossy and appetizing appearance.


Our ikura, otherwise known as salmon roe, is a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine, known for its distinct flavor and versatility. In Japanese restaurants, you'll often find ikura as a topping for sushi and sashimi., or even on donburi rice bowls These little, flavorful pearls provide a unique, briny taste that complements the fresh fish perfectly.

Processing & Marination

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