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Real time customer support

We have a dedicated team of professional customer service personnel to answer your questions and support your food needs. We are contactable seven days out of the week. Please reach out to us via Contact page to get onboarded.

Same-day delivery at only $100 MOQ

Same day delivery where you can expect your order by end of day, if you place order in the morning.
Speak to us to learn more how we can work together.

Processing service

Do you have a specific cutting requirement? We can tailor your product to be cubed, sliced and minced according to the way we need.

Marination service

Herbs, sauces, spices. We have trained professionals to understand your marination requirements to make the products the way you need.


We can pack your supplies the way you need, after processing them the way you specified. We offer vaccum packing, bulk pack, layer pack and so on, let us know what you need and we will deliver.


Need a specific product for your needs? We have a dedicated team here to help get you the product you need. Speak to us to learn more.


We offer real-time customer service support where you can place an order via Email, Whatsapp, Call and expect a reply within an hour.

If you prefer to order electronically, we also have our own electronic platform to order. Please speak to us to learn more on the onboarding process.

We are contactable are 6779 1748.

You can place an order in the morning and expect the delivery by the end of the day. 

If you expect morning delivery, please place an order by evening the day before.

Our minimum amount for delivery is $100.

While our customer service team is here to serve you all days of the week (Sundays and public holidays included!), we only deliver Mondays to Saturdays. We do not deliver Sundays and Public Holidays.

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